Clever Ideas To Gain More From Your Kitchen Storage Cabinets


No matter how clean and carefully maintained your kitchen is, you have probably noticed already that even the tidiest kitchens can benefit from a little inspiration and organizational changes every once in a while. Basically, there is always room for improvements, especially when trying to gain a little more from your kitchen cabinetry. If you think that decluttering the kitchen is all about getting rid of useless stuff and renewing some of your old things, you are wrong. Perhaps you should skip these classic solutions and allow some innovations in your life. A few clever ideas will work a very long way.

Have you ever considered switching cabinets for drawers and vice versa? Most people keep cabinets in the lower part of their kitchen furniture. They have a shelf or two as well, yet they waste a lot of space. Basically, they simply cannot fill the space between the top of their pots and the top of the cabinet. On the other hand, drawers are most commonly installed at a middle height, but also at a high level. In other words, if you are too short, you may actually experience some difficulties when it comes to the highest drawers. With these factors in mind, installing drawers at the bottom and adding cabinets on top will work exquisitely. This is a smart solution if you have a small kitchen too.

On a different note, wire closet racks are amazing when installed in kitchen cabinets. It looks like an insignificant idea, yet you will be surprised by how easy it becomes to organize the cabinets. After all, this is exactly what they are used for – a top notch organization. You can trim the racks in order to match the cabinets with a hacksaw. Holding them is piece of cake with a few screws and a screwdriver. Make sure that the back of the rack is supported by the cabinet backside, while the screws give you the possibility to install two or three racks, depending on how tall the cabinet is. This option is great for cabinets you use to store soups, condiments or various nonperishable foods.

Finally, T moldings can make your life inside the cabinet a lot easier. Cabinet storage is not always very efficient because the top part is empty. So how would you like to hold some hanging stemware instead? T moldings are normally designed for wood flooring. Installing them on the underside of a shelf will ensure a perfect place to hold some stemware. The installation is fairly simple with just a few screws. Make sure that they are long enough to keep the improvisation firm, but also short enough to prevent going through the shelf. You can use brass screws for a more elegant finish. As for the T moldings, they are available in every store that sells furniture or home improvement accessories. They even come in a few different styles and designs, only to match the design. Wait no more and enjoy this funky DIY project today.