Enhance Your Knowledge About The Best 3D Printers

Enhance Your Knowledge About The Best 3D Printers

It is necessary to cope with the technology as it gives you many different advantages. No field is untouched with technology in this advanced tech world. The introduction of 3d printers is something which has amazed the world and changed the world of printing.

3 D printing is known as an additive manufacturing process which creates physical object from a digital design.  There are many 3 D printers available in the market which makes your choice difficult. While choosing 3 D printers you need to take of a set of consideration. If you are planning to buy a printer, you can check this below.

Tips for buying a 3 D printer

Budget – before purchasing a printer choose your budget first and where you are going to use the printer. If you want it for your home, you don’t need to spend a handsome amount on printer just purchase a middle range of printer.

Kit base printer – try to choose a kit base printer because it gives you a better insight of how 3-d printer works.  Another advantage of these printers is that they give you under hood tweaking.

Print speed – there are two speed variants, print speed and travel speed. Travel speed determines how fast the tool head moves when it shuttles between different printing areas without laying plastic under the printer.  The print speed reflects how fast head moves with laying plastic.

Build area volume – every 3-d printer has a set build area. This build area is measured in height, width and length dimension. Printers which have large build area can print the large object with very much ease.

Types of 3-D printers

There are several types of 3-D printers which can be used in 3-d printing such as –

Fused deposition modeling – In this type of 3-d printing is most commonly used in the desktop 3-d printing. There is a thermo plastic filament which gets heated and also extruded through the process of extrusion head which deposits the molten plastic in x and y filament. This type of 3-d printer is very cost effective for small business and in education sector for quick photocopy.

Stereolithography (SLS) – this printer has the oldest technologies. This printer works by exposing the layer of photosensitive liquid resin to a UV laser beam by which the resin gets harder and becomes solid.

Build your own – if you love to do tech work you can build your own 3-D printer. There are wide varieties of kits and tools available over the internet by which you can build your own 3-d printers.