Top Mistake Rookies Make When Setting Up a Home Aquarium

Top Mistake Rookies Make When Setting Up a Home Aquarium

It’s not easy to set up and maintain a home aquarium the right way. Most times, you find yourself in a tight corner with nothing to do. Let us look at some of the common mistakes that rookies make repeatedly.

Starting off Small

You can get a mini aquarium for starters, giving you the chance to try out this hobby before you make the giant leap. However, this might end up discouraging you. Why? Well, when the volume of water is too small, the water parameters change quickly giving you no time to react. Starting small is akin to courting a disaster. Stay away from aquariums under 20 gallons until you have enough experience. Remember, the larger the tank, the less effect an error will have on your fish.

Putting Fish into the Aquarium Too Soon

New aquarium owners rush to add the fish without a second thought. You might be lucky, but at times, you might end up with an aquarium devoid of fish. You need to leave the water in the aquarium to stabilize before adding the fish. Newly added water has dissolved constituents that can harm your fish. You need to treat the water to neutralize the harmful materials. Allow the aquarium to stand for a day or two so that the gases can dissolve and the pH to stabilize.

You can then introduce the fish into the tank at this point.

Congesting the Aquarium

You must be eager to add fish into the tank, but this might turn out to be an undoing on your part. You need to wait until the bacterial colonies become fully established before adding more fish into the tank. Until then, stick to the recommended number.

You should also avoid buying fish that will soon outgrow the fish tank. This ends up being costly for you.

Overfeeding the Fish

Fish will always appear hungry. However, this shouldn’t push you into adding more food into the aquarium. Fish are natural scavengers and will roam around the aquarium seeking for food. Make sure you only feed them what they need. Overfeeding means the fish will increase the levels of wastes the fish produce, leading to poisoning of the water.

Ignoring Advice

You must have various experts that can give you advice on what to do to establish a successful aquarium. You have the option of choosing to follow the advices or not. Well, as much as you have two options to choose from, you had better go with the former. Follow their advice because these are hobbyists who are guiding you from experience.

You can get the advice from a neighbor or relative, or from a reputable online platform such as Either way, make sure you follow advice to succeed.

Having Incompatible Fish

Don’t choose fish depending on the way they look or how fast they swim, you will be disappointed. Most fish species can’t tolerate one another. Some will fight for space while others require different conditions to survive. Always take time to research on each species before choosing their aquarium mates. Choose fish that can complement each other.

Final Mistake

The final mistake is doing things in a hurry. Make sure you take time to do research in different aspects before you forge into this hobby. Remember, fish are delicate pets, any change in the water pH or a buildup of chemicals can lead to dead fish.